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Barbados opened AEoI Reporting Portal for CRS and FATCA Reporting

The Barbados Revenue Authority (“BRA”) informed that the AEoI Reporting portal is opened and available for #CRS and #FATCA Reporting.

BRA informed furthermore, that the reporting due date for 2019 reporting is extended from 31 July to 31 August 2020.

About the Author

Marco is a Banker, MBA (finance and accounting), qualified lawyer (LL.M international business and tax law) with 30+ years of working experiences gained within leading Commercial & Private Banking Institutions, Wealth Management Organisations and Financial Service Provider located in Europe and the APAC Region.

Marco is focused on advisory services and project management in the field of


  • U.S Qualified intermediary regime (QI);

  • Withholding Tax on Capital gains and Investment Income

  • Securities transaction tax (stamp tax); and

  • Austrian, German, Hong Kong, Swiss and U.S. International Tax Law

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