I am a seasoned international tax manager working for leading private banking institution, wealth and asset management organisations, central custodian and clearing houses, technology solution provider and boutique tax advisory firms located in Europe and the APAC region.

Key responsibilities

Implementation of tax compliance programs and tax technology solutions 

  • to meet the AML/KYC and due diligence obligations according to the AEoI/CRS, FATCA and US QI Regulations
  • to validate non-US Investors (individuals and legal entities) claims for tax treaty benefits on US sourced dividend and interest income in line with the US QI Regime
  • to ensure the correct application of withholding tax rates and the deposit of withheld taxes under FATCA and the QI Regime
  • to fulfil the back-up withholding requirements under Section 3406 of the US Internal Revenue Code concerning US sourced dividend and interest income paid to non-exempt U.S. Persons failing to submit a US TIN
  • to satisfy the reporting obligations
    • on US sourced dividend and interest income under Chapter 61 and Section 3406 of the US Internal Revenue Code
    • on US sourced dividend and interest income paid to non-US Investors under the QI Regime
    • under AEoI/CRS and FATCA
  •  to suspect suspicious transactions and legal arrangements that has the effect of
    • circumventing CRS due diligence and fiscal reporting obligations, or
    • preventing the identification of the ultimate beneficial owner holding passive offshore vehicles

Review of QI and FATCA compliance frameworks to certify their effectiveness to the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Liaise with external advisors and tax administrations to address tax related issues to obtain private rulings to mitigate legal and financial risks due to misinterpretations of tax regulations